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Do Your Windows Need Help?

Foggy? Broken? Moisture between the glass? Don't replace – restore at 70% less than the cost of replacement windows.

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Professional Services

Urban Glass and Door Offers:


Whether through an accident or bad storm, we know that bad luck sometimes happens and glass panes get broken. Our top priority at Urban Glass and...

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Our high quality insulated glass replacement units can be custom installed quickly to restore that crystal-clear view from years gone by. Normally...

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As your home ages, the original glass panes in your windows become discolored, scratched, foggy and even musty in some cases. All this is a direct...

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Shower Enclosures & Railings

A well designed and fitted glass shower enclosure can transform any bathroom into a luxurious, soothing retreat where you and your family can enjoy...

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Custom Mirrors

Urban Glass can help you with all your glass mirror needs. Whether you need custom mirrors for a home gym or for a beautiful heavy glass mirror with...

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Free Design Service

One of the biggest services that sets Urban Glass and Door apart from the competition is its free, professional design service. Our experts will...

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